Have you ever been to a musical where everything about the performance is perfect? The music, choreography and set design are so awesome that it’s simply spellbinding?

Perhaps you’ve watched a great sports team execute with precision and polish, playing so flawlessly that they are bound to win. Or maybe you’ve been in the presence of a leader you admire and watched as he or she motivates and inspires with confidence.

What about in your own life? Have there been times when you wanted to say “yes!” because you and your colleagues won a big account? Your children excelled in school? An organization that you volunteer in made a difference in someone’s life?

World-class performances, exceptional sports teams, inspiring leadership—they don’t happen by accident. Wherever there is peak performance, there is synergy at work, ensuring that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Synergy occurs when individual skills, ideas, talents, personalities and perspectives come together in collaboration to create results that are more impactful and effective than anything that could be produced by individuals on their own.

We all know great organizations when we see them. When we watch peak performance or synergy in action, we feel it in our bodies. We want to stand and shout: “Yes!” “Bravo!”

How can you create synergy in your team? How can you help your organization move from “okay’ to peak performance—to a place where you and your teams say “yes”? After coaching many executives and conducting numerous training sessions, I have found the answer boils down to just two words: Collaborative Thinking™.

Collaboration, alone, I’ve discovered, does not result in great teamwork. It is only by combining collaboration with thinking that the magic of synergy occurs. I’m talking about actually changing thinking patterns (rewiring our brains), which leads to new behaviors, new possibilities, new kinds of results.

Great leaders and teams understand the power of the mind—how our inner thoughts and moods impact an organization’s ability to succeed. They know that a positive, open and accepting state of mind is needed in order to create a culture of collaboration.

I have witnessed amazing transformations in leaders and teams that have applied a Collaborative Thinking™ model to their work. They have discovered how to become more self-aware, engaged and productive members of their team.

Collaborative Thinking™ is also the name of my team. We’re a group of talented coaches and consultants who bring together a wealth of experience and a strong desire to help others reach their fullest potential. Our collective work ranges from helping executives meet strategic goals to training government agencies and associations to think collaboratively to achieve bottom-line results.

Wherever you are in your life—whether you lead a large organization, run a small business or feel stuck in your career path—I encourage you to engage in Collaborative Thinking™.

I look forward to helping you transform your life and reach new milestones in your career, with your team or with your organization.