A message from Michelle about the Collaborative Thinking™ Team:

CT Leadership™ Coaches and Consultants work with you and your teams to create capable, resilient organizations that are aligned with your company values.  Our one-on-one Leadership Coaching supports you to build new competencies, and lead authentically and courageously.

We support entire work groups with Team Coaching, Training, and Facilitation Services, helping teams build practical skills, strengthen relationships, establish accountability, and create more collaborative environments.

Why work with a Collaborative Thinking™ Coach or Consultant?
CT helps clients achieve results by partnering to co-create programs that meet clear learning objectives.  Our team has supported hundreds of clients in a variety of government, corporate and non-profit settings.  Our clients consistently tell us that  CT coaches and consultants have helped them access their authentic leadership voices, function as more connected and trusting teams, and find the joy in performing at higher levels.

We bring the following core values to our work:


We are steeped in industry best practices and informed by fields such as neuroscience, psychology, sociology of teams, wellness coaching, and organizational development.


We know you’re wise and the subject matter expert of your field. As your trusted advisor, we ask powerful questions and help you find your own answers.


We’re fun! People learn better, engage better and perform better when they enjoy their work.  We’re realistic and offer grounded, positive energy.


Michelle Mock
Michelle MockCEO, Executive Coach & Senior Consultant
Adam Chalker
Adam ChalkerLeadership Coach
Alison Miller
Alison MillerExecutive Coach & Senior Consultant
Andy Gingrich
Andy GingrichLeadership Coach
Christina Swartz
Christina SwartzLeadership Coach
Dr. Ali Navidi
Dr. Ali NavidiLeadership Coach
Elizabeth Hauler
Elizabeth HaulerLeadership Coach & Facilitator
Kelli Kolling
Kelli KollingLeadership Coach & Trainer
Ken Buch
Ken BuchLeadership Coach
Liz Greenlaw
Liz GreenlawWellness Coach
Marialane Schultz
Marialane SchultzExecutive Coach & Business Consultant