Collaborative Thinking™ Coaches establish confidential one-on-one partnerships with you, helping you achieve improved business results, and greater personal fulfillment.

The Purpose of Coaching is to support you to:

  • build new leadership competencies
  • gain greater clarity around your authentic style
  • deepen self-awareness
  • identify your priorities and leverage strengths
  • take actions to advance organizational goals, and
  • increase personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

How it works

  • You typically meet every 2 or 3 weeks for 1 hour to work with your coach on topics important to you.
  • Your Coach will offer leadership tools and approaches to help build new skills in ways that suit your personal leadership style.
  • You and your Coach will co-design exercises and practices for you to do between sessions to help you master new skills.
  • You’ll practice listening to your best advisor…you. Through self-awareness, you’ll discover ways to lead authentically and effectively.

What’s the difference in Consulting and Coaching?

Consultants tell you what they see.  They offer best practices and suggest next steps to help you accomplish your goals.
Coaches ask what you see.  They ask clarifying questions and share observations to draw out your wisdom, encourage self-discovery and create new self-awareness.

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Leadership Coach

Continue building your leadership skills and leading authentically in ways that provide the leadership impact you are looking for, contact us and meet with one of our Leadership Coaches.

Wellness Coach

If you’re looking for ways to make small incremental changes that can energize, nourish and rejuvenate your lifestyle and leave you feeling more focused, contact us and meet with one of our Wellness Coaches.  Learn more about how we can support you as you modify your behaviors and boost your mental outlook and engage more productively in life and in your workplace.