Book: Practically Radical by William C. Taylor, Co-founder of Fast Company Magazine shares ‘not-so-crazy ways to transform your company, shake up your industry, and challenge yourself.’ Practically Radical goes deep inside twenty-five for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations to find out how they’ve made remarkable strides in tough circumstances.

Article: The Power of a Dissenting Voice. An innovative work environment encourages dissenting voices, in fact, when colleagues know that there is space for dissension, their cognitive processes are improved. Neuroscience has proven that ‘what we see is significantly determined by what we know those around us see…which is why minority voices are so essentially in any group discussion.’

Article: How to Create a Business Where the Truth is Heard. This excerpt from Good to Great by Jim Collins points out that great organizations motivate people with straight facts. This article presents four basic practices that help create this climate.

Article:  This Harvard Business Review Article, Confronting the Pain of Innovation,  provides insight into distinguishing between ‘good pain’ which results in greater capability, and ‘bad pain’ which is a warning sign that something is fundamentally wrong?