team_development_1aSynergy is the decisive factor between the success and failure of a team.

  • Do they have clear goals, roles and responsibilities?
  • Do they trust each other and you? Are they engaging in difficult and meaningful conversations?
  • Are there processes in place that inspire your team to build on their collective talent
  • Are they creative and generating positive and unexpected discoveries?


1. TEAM COACHING – Collaborative Thinking Team Coaches and Consultants can work with you and your team to:

  • Assess team effectiveness – the team will actually assess their own effectiveness including team strengths and challenges. This is important because you know yourselves better than an outside consultant knows you. It’s our job to help you address the gap and navigate towards your desired state.
  • Learn practical skills – We offer practical and tactical tools that teams love learning and using right on the spot.
  • Practice their new skills – We’ll work along side you and your team as you practice new skills during team meetings. Teams notice a difference! Individual leaders leave meetings inspired to keep practicing new skills.

2. TRAINING – Collaborative Thinking Trainers and facilitators can provide a wide range of workshops to intact teams or individual leaders. Our workshops include: Collaborative Communication, Leading with Emotional Intelligence , Managing Effective Meetings, Giving and Receiving Feedback, and Stakeholder Relationship Management. We also help teams reach peak performance by using tools such as the  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Leadership Circle Culture Survey, The Thomas-Killman Conflict Instrument, and Team Conversational Norm Diagnostic.

Our workshop designs are influenced by thinkers in the field of neuro-leadership, improvisation, change management and emotional intelligence.

We’d love to hear about your team and help you identify new skills and approaches to improve individual and collective satisfaction and productivity.

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“The Collaborative Communication Workshop was highly engaging. We had a great instructor who ensured that everyone understood the concepts and walked away with a clear plan of how to apply the concepts on an everyday basis.” Scientist, Federal Drug Administration, Center for Veterinary Medicine

“Michelle’s work with our Premium Sales Team resulted in improved teamwork and increased overall performance.” Joe LaBue, Director, Premium Sales Washington Redskins