Managing stakeholder relationships is an essential skill in today’s work environment. In this workshop, participants will explore the value of effective stakeholder relationship management (SRM) and apply the SRM process to situations in their own work context. They will identify and prioritize key stakeholders, analyze stakeholder needs and expectations, assess stakeholder support and develop a communication plan to influence stakeholder relationships. Participants will assess their own leadership style using Daniel Goleman’s six emotional leadership styles, and determine how to adapt to influence stakeholder relationships more effectively. This practical course will lead participants step by step through the SRM process.


Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the value of effective stakeholder relationship management
  • Identify key stakeholder relationships relevant to their current work context
  • Create a plan for influencing key stakeholders
  • Assess their leadership style and its impact on stakeholder relationships


  • The Value of Stakeholder Relationship Management
  • Six Emotional Leadership Styles
  • A Model for Stakeholder Relationship Management

TARGET AUDIENCE: Leaders and employees across all areas and levels

LENGTH: 4 hours