Today’s blog highlights some of my favorite points in Larry Bossidy’s article What Your Leader Expects of
You and What You Should Expect In Return, Harvard Business Review, April 2007.

Bossidy purports that effective leader commonly like employees who:
• Generate ideas and offer solutions that might be considered ‘off the wall.’
• Are willing to collaborate and take the time to get a bit messy. He points out that those who are
unable or unwilling to collaborate hold an organization back.
• Are willing to lead initiative even when it’s risky and the outcome might be uncertain.
Develop others by providing helpful and specific feedback.

Bossidy believes that employees should expect that their leaders:
• Provide clear direction and set goals and objectives so that employees know exactly what is
expected of them.
• Give frequent, specific, and immediate feedback encouraging growth and development.
• Be decisive and timely providing clean and unambiguous answers, thus encouraging staff to keep
you involved and not view you as a bottle neck.
• Demonstrate honesty and candor providing feedback in specific (not vague) terms so that
employees are clear as to your expectations.

My favorite quote from the article is, ‘masking the truth doesn’t help people develop.’

Feel free to enjoy the article

Or listen to an interview with Bossidy