Taylor Schaedle

Taylor Schaedle​

Taylor Schaedle provides one-on-one coaching and team facilitation with a focus on expansive thinking and leadership development. Her clients come from tech start-ups, hedge funds, global organizations, non-profits, and more. She believes that leadership and team development may come up against different external obstacles and pressures specific to their professional realm, but the path to success follows a similar trajectory. Growth is built upon expanding the perspectives of leaders and teams, fostering new levels of trust, transforming your relationship to everyday polarities, and developing your ability to self-coach through challenges and success in alignment with your values. She works with many different leadership styles and organizational needs and specializes in collaborative leadership. She helps her clients become better leaders by supporting their personal and professional development. Taylor’s clients often express how coaching has transformed many aspects of their lives outside of their careers. She is honored to witness the magic of coaching, that when one part of a system is developed, the benefit affects all other elements, including teams, organizations, communities, and relationships. 

As a leadership coach, she utilizes her knowledge of adult and organizational development to guide her clients to experience themselves and their situations from a new and expansive perspective. Taylor ensures that her clients experience a trusting relationship that allows them to push beyond their comfort zone and experience expansive thinking and learning. She ensures that her client’s values are clear and aligns their growth with what matters most. Her favorite part of one-on-one coaching is witnessing her client’s “oh wow!” moments when something that seemed impossible or hidden reveals itself. Her clients often feel lighter and more open after their coaching sessions, energized to try a new strategy or leadership style. 

As a facilitator, she specializes in designing creative and enjoyable workshops that create value for the organizational goals. She believes that learning happens when people feel valued and are enjoying themselves. A sense of play and creativity is often incorporated into her workshops. Her facilitation skills guide groups from problems to solutions in a collaborative way that evokes a sense of camaraderie and group thinking. Her facilitation clients often express gratitude for the increased team cooperation and joy among the group while designing new and fresh solutions to combat consistent problems.  

Taylor became an executive coach to help leaders transform themselves and their teams through adult development theory and expansive thinking. Her formal education in this field started at Vanderbilt University, where she studied Human and Organizational Development and received her Master of Education from Peabody College. While in Nashville, She worked as a team facilitator and leadership coach and witnessed how integral a team mindset is for leadership development. This led her to train in graphic facilitation with The Grove International. She then moved to Washington, DC, and began her ICF certification process through Georgetown University’s highly-regarded executive coaching program. Before coaching, she taught special education in underserved communities, where she learned the importance of joy in learning and pushing past your perceived boundaries. After leaving education, she started her commercial brokerage, where she learned to support leaders in high-stakes decision-making and create long-lasting relationships based on trust and value. When not working, she enjoys hiking with her big goofy dog, cooking for friends and family, yoga, and painting. 

Taylor Schaedle

“Michelle’s work with our Premium Sales Team resulted in improved teamwork and increased overall performance.”
Joe LaBue, Director, Premium Sales Washington Redskins