New Reality Program


The Collaborative Thinking™ team is pleased to offer the New Reality Program to help leaders and organizations adapt to new and unprecedented challenges. This collection of focused, virtual learning experiences was initially designed in March 2020 to meet the needs that emerged as the COVID-19 pandemic drove organizations to quickly move to a work-from-home environment. This shift combined with stressors on individuals’ personal lives has dramatically changed our work and home environments.


The Collaborative Thinking™ team created the New Reality Program in direct response to our clients’ requests to provide creative ways to support them and their teams as they sought to stay connected and maintain high levels of performance. As a result, the New Reality Program includes 22 different offerings that are:

New Reality Workshops are:

– Designed to increase personal resilience, foster connection and enhance collaboration
– Focused on the most relevant topics for today’s context
– Targeted and practical, with sessions ranging from 25 minutes to 2.5 hours
– 100% virtual using your preferred platform (e.g., Zoom, Adobe Connect, etc.)
– Suitable for open-enrollment groups, as well as, intact teams

To learn more, see the New Reality Program descriptions that follow.

New Reality Program At-A-Glance

Deeper Dive Series

Provides a more in-depth look at key concepts and skills practice
Two-part workshops 90-min to 2.5 hours each held on consecutive days

At Collaborative Thinking™, we specialize in providing leadership development workshops designed to build skills in core leadership competencies.

 We will carefully craft a program to meet your individual needs and specific interests.