Guiding Principles

We believe:

  • Greater collaboration is necessary to achieve organizational goals
  • Teams can leverage their strengths
  • Teams can build and maintain trust
  • Together, we can turn conflict into collaboration


We are committed to helping teams become more trusting, collaborative, and productive.

We Provide:

  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
  • Team Coaching

The design process starts with us listening to you!

Together we co-create Team Coaching Engagements and Facilitated Meetings that suit your team needs as they engage in meaningful ‘real’ work.

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What is the purpose of Team Meeting and Retreat Facilitation​?

  • We begin by learning from you about the outcomes you want to achieve in two key areas, team dynamics and practical real-work.
  • We like to interview a representative group of 3 – 5 team members and ask them a few questions that help us begin the retreat or meeting design.
  • We meet with you, the leader, a second time. During this meeting we offer a design and work with you to ensure that it meets your expectations.

The most powerful form of team building is accomplishing meaningful work!  CT Coaches/Facilitators support your team meetings and retreats by offering observations & tools in real-time as the team engages relevant topics important to them.  Examples include:

  • Strategic Visioning
  • Decision-Making Methods
  • Communication Methods
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Interpersonal Dynamics

What is the purpose of Team Coaching?

  • The Team Coaches will work with the leader to determine clear purpose and desired outcomes for each meeting. The agenda will include short periods of information sharing, teaching or instruction by theTeam Coaches followed by the team using the new skills to support dialogue, collaboration, decision making, and to coordinate for action on real topics of importance to them. This approach enables the team to learn new skills and practice them in ‘real time’ as they engage with each other.
  • This approach equips the team to continue using the new skills as soon as they leave the meeting, ultimately improving their leadership effectiveness as they manage down, across and up the organization.
  • During the team sessions, the Team Coaches will observe the team, pause the team in real time, make inquiries and share observations, and support the team as they design and agree to process, navigate conversations, make decisions, and negotiate agreements and commitments.
  • The coaches will also engage the team in ways that improve communication, support conflict management, and build trust.
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“Michelle’s work with our Premium Sales Team resulted in improved teamwork and increased overall performance.”
Joe LaBue, Director, Premium Sales Washington Redskins
“The CT Coaches challenged our executives to build new leadership competencies, deepen emotional intelligence, and improve the way they work together.”
Chief Human Capital Officer, Educational Non-Profit