Wellness Coaching


Collaborative Thinking™ Wellness services focus on educating and inspiring leaders, teams, and  organizations.

We create interactive wellness programming that educates on topics such as nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and emotional wellness and results in improved life balance and well-being.  

We support individual leaders with one-on-one wellness coaching which yields greater self-awareness and improved well-being.  

We also provide team wellness workshops and retreats aimed at improving personal wellness, creating happier team environments, and resulting in greater employee engagement.

Leaders with fit and rested bodies, as well as calm and clear minds are better able to lead and live effectively.   And, it’s no secret that leaders who are truly present to their own inner voice and who create positive life habits, are better able to presence themselves to others, inspire change,  develop their teams, and lead courageously.

Leadership Wellness

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Healthy Tips

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If you and your team would like to partner with Collaborative Thinking™, contact us.  We’d love to discuss how we might support you and your work.