Effective Decision Methods & Role Clarity

Effective Decision Methods & Role Clarity


Making quality decisions and getting buy-in is an essential skill for leaders at all levels. In this workshop, learn the different types of group decision-making processes, when to use each, and why having a clearly defined process can be important for teams and organizations. Participants will learn to clarify roles and coordinate accordingly. Using real-work examples, participants will learn how to plan purposeful meeting agendas, facilitate collaborative conversations, and use different decision-making approaches. Special emphasis will be placed on framing meeting objectives, facilitating dialogue, and engaging group members using different decision-making methods.


  • Open and frame meetings with clear purpose, outcomes and process
  • Distinguish between different types of group decision-making processes (leader-made/directive, leader-informed/consultative, consensus and majority) and recognize when to use each
  • Practice facilitating different decision types
  • Clarify the roles of key players to distinguish between who should be accountable, responsible, consulted, or informed
  • Plan and facilitate conversations using different decision-making approaches
  • Practice coordinating for action by making clear requests and offers, and negotiating shared agreements


  • Group Decision-Making Processes
  • Key Roles and Responsibilities
  • Planning and Facilitating Decision-Making Conversations
  • Reflection and Declaration

Target Audience: Leaders and employees at all levels

Length:  Two 2.5-hour sessions.  Scheduled on two consecutive days or at the client’s convenience.

Virtual Delivery: Zoom, Adobe Connect, WebEx or other virtual platform that support breakout rooms for more intimate conversations

“Michelle’s work with our Premium Sales Team resulted in improved teamwork and increased overall performance.”
Joe LaBue, Director, Premium Sales Washington Redskins