Emotional Intelligence

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Research conducted over the past 25 years shows that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is essential for effective leadership, and contributes to both professional and personal success. In this session, you will learn how the self, including mind, body and emotions – shapes how we behave in the workplace and directly impacts results. And, you will practice strategies used by effective leaders to increase awareness, shift behaviors, and enhance relationships and work outputs. Participants will draw on their own experiences so examples are relevant, and leave with a commitment to put the learning into practice.

•    Identify how emotional intelligence (EI) positively affects performance, and
•    Use EI strategies to increase awareness, shift behaviors and enhance work relationships and results

•    What is Emotional Intelligence?
•    The Impact of EI
•    Increasing Self-Awareness
•     EI Strategies
•    Reflection and Declaration

Target Audience: Leaders and employees at all levels

Length: 4 hours

Leadership Presence


Leadership presence is the ability to connect authentically with others, understand their thoughts and feelings and congruently communicate your own to motivate and inspire others toward a desired outcome. Whether you are presenting to a large group, leading a meeting or talking with another person, your leadership presence has a direct impact on how others feel and the actions they take.

During this workshop, you will learn techniques and strategies for maintaining composure, connecting with your audience and communicating authentically. Participants will set their own intentions for enhancing their leadership presence and practice communicating with their authentic voice in a supportive learning environment.


•       Describe the concept of Leadership Presence
•       Maintain composure using increased self-awareness of how thought, body and mood shape how we show up
•       Connect with others through empathy and effective listening
•       Communicate authentically with congruent body and language to build trust and credibility
•       Set your intention for enhancing your personal presence and impact
•       Make shifts to enhance leadership presence and impact


•       What is Leadership Presence?
•       Composure
•       Connection
•       Congruent Communication
•       Reflection and Declaration

Target Audience: Leaders and employees across all areas and levels

Length: 2.5 hours

“Michelle’s work with our Premium Sales Team resulted in improved teamwork and increased overall performance.”
Joe LaBue, Director, Premium Sales Washington Redskins