Framing Conversations with Clear Purpose, Outcomes and Process

Framing Conversations with Clear Purpose, Outcomes and Process


Whether you are sharing information, making decisions, coordinating work or giving feedback—effective conversations at work begin with a clear purpose, outcomes, and process. During this 1-hour virtual session, participants will review how to frame conversations with three essential elements: purpose, outcomes and process. They will review decision-making methods, and practice framing and facilitating conversations with POP. Participants will identify one shift to implement immediately.



  • Frame and facilitate conversations with POP


  • Planning With Purpose, Outcome, Process
  • Practice: Idea Generation
  • Decision Methods + Active Listening
  • Practice: Leader-Informed Decision

Target Audience: Leaders and employees at all levels


Length: 1 hour


Virtual Delivery: Zoom, Adobe Connect, WebEx or other virtual platform that support breakout rooms for more intimate conversations

“Michelle’s work with our Premium Sales Team resulted in improved teamwork and increased overall performance.”
Joe LaBue, Director, Premium Sales Washington Redskins