Leading effective teams

Leading Collaborative Teams


This interactive workshop will prepare you to influence and motivate a team to work cohesively toward shared goals. You will learn how groups move through stages of development to become high performing teams. During this session, you will examine team roles and explore ways of defining on operating norms. Using real life scenarios, you will learn how to frame conversations with clear purpose and outcomes, how to coordinate for action by establishing shared agreements, and how to engage conversations using different decision-making method. 


  • Describe the stages of team development
  • Clarify roles and norms for working collaboratively
  • Frame conversations with clear purpose and outcomes
  • Know when and how to use different group decision-making methods


  • Stages of Team Development
  • Roles and Operating Norms
  • Purposeful Conversations
  • Declarations, Requests, Offers and Agreements
  • Decision Methods

Target Audience: Leaders across all areas and levels


Length: Half-day

“Michelle’s work with our Premium Sales Team resulted in improved teamwork and increased overall performance.”
Joe LaBue, Director, Premium Sales Washington Redskins